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Three Questions, One Goal

We are looking for answers to our three Path questions, but understand that individual circumstances may vary. If you are unsure, don’t worry. We welcome further discussion and consider it an honor to use our knowledge and experience for your benefit. We will inform and equip you moving forward, every step of the way.

The Patriot Path

Patriot Pension is in a network of home care agencies working across the nation. Our distinguished Patriot Pension Team qualifies veterans and spouses for the tax-free Aid and Attendance Benefit, assisting with the discovery and submission of applications. We are here when veterans qualify but don’t know how to apply for pension. We are here when they need support, but don’t know where to find help. If acquiring pension benefits seems out of reach, contact us today and let our experts do what they do best.

Honest Care for Deserving Veterans

The Patriot Path is a solution. Our expert, proven process was developed by established senior care specialists in an effort to promote fair assistance for worthy veterans. The Patriot Path gets you moving in the right direction, right away. Our three questions start the process, and are the quickest way to identify if you qualify.

1.  Military Time

Does the veteran have 90 days of active military duty and at least one day of wartime experience?

How We Help: Verify with DD-214. If you don’t have it, we can order it

2.  Medical Needs

Does the veteran need help with the 6 basic activities of daily living?

How We Help: Build necessary VA Form to be signed by primary Care MD or DO

3.  Money

Are the veteran’s assets (excluding their home) less than $138,000?

How We Help: Inform of in-flex 3 year lookback period

A Path with a Purpose

If these questions are all yes, there is a high probability of eligibility for in-home care! We will make it official by gathering and organizing all supporting documentation. As a licensed company, we prioritize protecting the livelihood of our clients through verifiable, official proof of process.

Your Care, Your Decision

The last step of the Patriot Path is a direct, mutual agreement between veteran care recipients and home care agencies. Care begins immediately upon agreement confirmation, without any upfront cost to the Veteran or Spouse of Veteran.

We Will Be In Touch Soon

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